1. Billerica Public Library

    Explore information about the Billerica Public Library.

  2. Billerica Scholarship Foundation

    Learn about the Billerica Scholarship Foundation.

  3. Billerica Access Television

  4. Billerica Council On Aging

    Explore the many activities we have for Billerica's Finest; our Seniors!

  5. Recreation

  6. Billerica Housing Authority

  7. Department of Public Works

    Peruse the Department of Public Works including information about engineering, maps, trash and recycling, stormwater management, water and wastewater, and more.

  8. Motor Vehicle Excise Information

    Find information about taxes and registration for motor vehicles.

  9. Public Schools

    Find information about the public schools in the Town of Billerica.

  10. Traffic

    Access an interactive map of Billerica's streets and roads.

  11. Senior Center